Your mom's a MILF yo.

Let’s see, it’s another thing I’m addicted too:) I like people who give me funny ass questions that I can give funny answers. Too bad Babe gave me a lame one telling me how blah blah blah I am and how snake bites look blah blah blah on me and how he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Really now? Friggin’ dork. lol.

I feel like this is a Diary :P Idk. Lol. But Grr. Today was extremely…. wet. Rain messed up my hair, wind messed up my eyesight and the friggin’ cold made my body shiver; and not shiver in a good wayD;

First period was okay, hella notes to take but I showed Erin my Formspring and she hella laughed and Alan was being a geek and writing away at notes. lol. Then I got in trouble and Johnny texted me that a Penis is made of Tissue. Your so smart. lol.

Second Period is what I dread.

Third period, Jelina fell on her ass in PE and i’m reliving my child hood soccer memories :P

Fourth period art was… Sllleeeep. The end. lol.